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2019 Dates: March 24th - 29th: SOLD OUT

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Cost: $3495

Deposit: $500

I am thrilled to announce my newest workshop in the incredible city of Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding Low Country during Spring. The region is filled with majestic oak tree lanes, wonderful city architecture, and a fabulous coastline including the unique and otherworldly Boneyard Beach. We will try to take advantage of the spring bloom in the lush plantations. In addition to photographing the many sites in the area, we will have the opportunity to experience local cuisine. The workshop fee includes lodging, transportation, entrance fees, guiding and instruction. Also included is a copy of my eBook, The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer, to help you prepare for the workshop. I am keeping the workshop numbers low in order to maximize instruction and shooting time. Maximum of 5 persons.


Palouse Workshop

2019 Dates:

June 3rd - 6th: SOLD OUT

June 7th - 10th: SOLD OUT

June 11th - 14th: SOLD OUT

2020 Dates:

June 8th - 11th: 1 PLACE REMAINING!

June 12th - 15th: 2 PLACES REMAINING!

August 2nd - 5th: NOW BOOKING

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Cost: $1995

Deposit: $250

The Palouse is home to the most picturesque rolling hills in the world. During June, the hills are colored in different shades of green to match the harvest cycle. The workshop will include 4 days of photography, processing sessions, and post workshop critiques. Lodging and breakfast will be included. You will also receive a copy of my eBook to help you prepare for the workshop, The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer. Maximum of 5 persons.


Chicago's Architectural Gems

2019 Dates:

May 10th - 13th: SOLD OUT

2020 Dates:

May 15th - 18th: SOLD OUT

October 16th - 19th: 2 PLACES REMAINING!

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Cost: $1695

Deposit: $250

Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper and filled with incredible architectural gems from Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry and beyond. After a great fire in 1871, Chicago had to start from scratch, and aimed for the most ambitious buildings of its time. This started a movement to push boundaries and be on the forefront of architecture which hasn’t slowed down, even to this day. You will have the opportunity to photograph the many fascinating skyscrapers of Chicago like the Willis Tower, Aqua Tower and more as well as famous sculptures like Cloud Gate and the Flamingo. You will also have the opportunity to take an architectural river cruise to take in all the sites and learn the history of this great city. Spring is an excellent time to visit and capitalize on favorable weather. In addition to photography, Chicago has in incredible culinary scene and we will schedule dinners to capitalize on the restaurant highlights. Different techniques will be covered to create original images of iconic scenes by using multiple exposure photography as well as black and white processing. The workshop will include multiple processing sessions, transportation during the workshop and a copy of my eBook, The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer. Maximum of 5 persons. Accommodation in Chicago is costly and some of you may prefer to stay with friends or other options, therefore I have priced the tour excluding accommodation. 



2019 Dates: January 31st - February 12th: SOLD OUT

Cost: $9200

Deposit: $500

Join Antony Spencer and me for an incredible tour of Namibia. Our journey begins in Sossusvlei, home to the world's tallest sand dunes and the iconic Deadvlei. Next up is the 5 star resort, Wolwedans, in the remote and stunning Namib Desert. And lastly, a trip to Kolmanskop, an abandoned diamond mining town with incredible architecture. This tour is run through Light & Land and can be booked via their website: Light & Land


Fall in Colorado

2019 Dates: October 1st - 12th: 3 PLACES REMAINING!

Cost: $7,000

Deposit: $700

Join Antony Spencer, Joe Cornish and me for an incredible tour of Colorado fall color. Our adventure will span many locations in the Rocky Mountains from Aspen to Telluride. We will be using 4x4 vehicles to get us into locations off the beaten track and into the wild backcountry. The tour is a Leading Lights Tour, which means that it has a limited number of 12 places with three tour leaders to maximize your time with us. This tour is run through Light & Land and can be booked via their website: Light & Land

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